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Capt. Gregory W. Ball, PhD, USAFR for Air Force Research Institute
"...the level of detail...impressive work...the author deserves praise for his research..."
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Walter J. Boyne Historian and National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinee
"This book is absolutely indispensable to a student of World War I aviation.  Anyone writing anything about WWI aviation needs to use this book to give flesh and dimension to what otherwise is found only in the printed word." 
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Leonard E. Opdycke
 "Phil deserves our gratitude for collecting this material and making it available.  It is fascinating information.  It's the next best thing to seeing the films themselves."
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Military Writer’s Society of America 

"What a treasure chest of information for researchers - War Wings is a true undiscovered gem.  It is a one of a kind book that will someday be recognized as a monumental and historic achievement."
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Over the Front 

"Thanks to Phillip Stewart's landmark book pertaining to World War I films, with scene-by-scene descriptions of the action shown, those old films have taken on a new meaning."
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Air Power History
"This book is a marvelous piece of work about a very different version of
World War I in the air."

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Reader Views
"I gave the book an A rating and I suggest it to anyone who will be researching the aviation aspects of WW I."
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Midwest Book Review
"War Wings must be considered as an indispensable resource for scholars, aviation history enthusiasts, World War I buffs, and students of the motion picture.  Academic librarians and museum curators should consider War Wings as a core addition to their reference collections."
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