Projected History
Just released, Projected History Volume Three! This is the third and largest volume in the landmark Projected History series by motion picture film sleuth Phillip W. Stewart. It highlights 2,748 nationally released newsreel stories and covers the fifth, sixth, and seventh years of what was known in the day as the Universal Newspaper Newsreel.

Before there was television there was the news-reel. People from all over the country would visit their local movie palace to watch the news twice every week along with the feature film. The major American newsreel companies of the time covered world events, politics, sports, fashion, stunts, and whatever else might entertain the movie-going audience. Today, these newsreels offer a fascinating and unique look at that era and are a primary source of visual information and history. Out of the five major sound newsreels that documented the activities of America and the World throughout the 1930s to the 1960s, only one is now owned by the American people, is royalty-free, and readily accessible for your review and use--the Universal Newsreel. Over 14,000 reels of surviving edited stories and out-takes are accessible for your research and viewing pleasure at the National Archives.

Projected History is a well-researched book that documents the nationally released stories of what was known back then as the 'Universal Newspaper Newsreel.' One of the great benefits of this landmark work is that all the Universal Newsreel stories that are known to exist today within the film vaults of the National Archives are noted. This is the first time that the newsreel title, description and story availability have been brought together in a single resource. This book will be of immense interest to students of history, film and genealogy.

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